The Revelation of St. John “in the Light of the Temple”:
a New Commentary

User's Guide

The comments are numbered in sequence in red. A left mouse click on the number will call up a window with the comment. In the comment you will find links to further comments: these can be opened in the same way, except that they will appear in a window that may need to be "resized" by dragging the frame with the mouse. Clicking on a numbered link will open a pdf file with a relevant article from this website.

Words in square parentheses indicate additions for the sake of clarification and are explained in the comment for that verse (e.g., 9,11; 10,1; 19,16). The translation from Greek is ours, and was made from the critical text of Nestle-Aland (26th edition). It has been kept as literal as possible. Nevertheless, in some places, extra words have been added in order to make sense in English and these have been put in italics. Similarly, in order to indicate the structural units of the text, according to the analysis in link 2, the following subtitles have been inserted:

Prologue (1,1-8)
Vision of the Angel of the Risen Christ (1,9-20)
The Seven Messages to the Churches (2,1–3,22)
Baseline Prophetic Narrative (4,1–6,17)
—the Throne, the Lamb’s Scroll and the Opening of its first Six Seals
First Interruption (7,1-17): Preparation of the Faithful
Baseline Prophetic Narrative—resumed (8,1–9,21)
—the Seventh Seal and the Sounding of the first Six Trumpets
Second Interruption (10,1–11,14): Prophetic Renewal and Mission
Baseline Prophetic Narrative—resumed (11,15-19)
—the Seventh Trumpet
Third Interruption (12,1–15,4): Seven Unnumbered Visions
Baseline Prophetic Narrative—resumed (15,5–16,21)
—the Seven Bowl-Plagues
Fourth Interruption (17,1–19,5): The Judgment of Babylon
Preparations for the Marriage of the Lamb (19,6-10)
The Manifestation of the Lord of lords and King of kings (19,11-18)
The Battle of the Great Day of God the Almighty (19,19-21)
The Story and Destiny of Satan—the Millennium (20,1-10)
The Final Judgment (20,11-15)
The New Creation (21,1-8)
The New Jerusalem—Wife of the Lamb (21,9–22,5)
Epilogue (22,6-21)

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